Dr. Cheng-I, Wei, and Dr. Raymond Miller come to attend NTU’s anniversary activities and also pay a visit to the college of Bioresources and Agriculture, NTU.

Poster:adminPost date:2010-11-16
   Dr. Cheng-I Wei, Dean of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (AGNR), University of Maryland (UM) and Dr. Raymond J. Miller, the director of International Programs in Agriculture and Natural Resources (IPAN), UM joined NTU’s 82nd Anniversary Activity on Nov. 15th and visited the College of Bioresources and Agriculture (CBA) on Nov. 16th.
  It has been Dean Cheng-I Wei’s 3rd visit to CBA this year. He came to CBA to discuss the possibility of cooperation between two colleges with CBA’s professors in the beginning of the year and has signed the Exchange Student Agreement in late June. The official cooperation between the two colleges finally commenced.
  His mission of this time’s visit was mainly to focus on the preparation for the second distance-learning program between the AGNR, UM and the Department of Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering, NTU, which is set to start next year.
  In the meeting with CBA’s professors on Nov.16th, Dean Wei mentioned that the first distance-learning program taught by CBA’s professors of the Institute of Food Science and by AGNR’s professors has received positive feedbacks from the students. The professors of both sides are now expecting the new distance-learning program given by the Department of Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering and UM’s side next year. Having the previous experience, we anticipate the success of next year’s distance-learning program.
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