2016 BACT Summer Program is coming!

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         Never study abroad before? Not even mention never having the chance to visit any Asian countries? Then come to Taiwan to experience the exotic Asian culture and see the abundant flora and fauna whose habitats range from tropical to temperate regions~~ in just an island!! You will be going to explore the beautiful island and listen to lectures with NTU students.

        For the local National Taiwan University students, it is also a good chance to explore your homeland, an  unforgettable experience to immersed yourself in an intensive and versatile one-month program with both courses and many outdoor activities combined! And all the lectures and guided tour are presented in English, a valuable experience for you to use the second

      This program is a one-month course with 4 credits offered to NTU and foreign students. To learn more about the program, please go to the main menu Program to find out.

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