The Center for International Agricultural Education and Academic Exchanges(CIAEAE) was established under College of Bioresources and Agriculture, National Taiwan University (CBA-NTU) to integrate the faculties and resources, to exchange information with foreign institutions, to promote international education, and to perform international research programs. Through the international cooperation in teaching, research and resources gathering, it is our hope to take a leading role in the world. In the past, the College of Bioresources and Agriculture has played a major role in the honorable history of Taiwan's agriculture. In the future, it will continue to make contributions to our country and people. 
    The prospect of CIAEAE is to unite the academic members and research resources, to gather sources from other institutions and ultimately, to make the College one of the most important bioresources and agriculture relevant institutions in the world.
Currently, CIAEAE focuses on looking for and establishing a strong bound to prestigious universities. By working together, we can achieve the goals and benefit from each other. Below is an overview of the CIAEAE is now working on. 
*Establishing strong connections with prestigious universities/organizations & making academic agreement into practically collaborative actions
*Holding annual “Biodiversity, Agriculture & Culture of Taiwan Summer Program”
*Holding irregular international conference between partner organizations
*Holding international training workshop between partner organizations
*Incoming & outgoing exchange student programs
*Short-term internship
*Faculty exchange programs
*Reception of guest visits and tour arrangement
Arrangement of faculty’s visits to partner organizations overseas

Tel:886-2-3366-4215 Ext:886-2-3366-4213 Address:Room 315, Building of Agriculture, 1 Sec 4, Roosevelt Rd, Taipei, Taiwan

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