2019 NTU-KU Bilateral Symposium On Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources Management completed fruitfully

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Seven professors and four graduate students from Kyoto Univeresity were invited by College of Bioresources and Agriculture, National Taiwan University
to join the 2019 NTU-KU Bilateral Symposium. The theme of the symposium is Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources Management. Faculties of Department of Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering along with four graduate students participated in the meeting and presented their recent research. This symposium providess a full communication among the faculties and studnets between both Kyoto University and National Taiwan University, deepening the partnership of the two insititions and offering the potential for future coopertaion.

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Prof. Tsang-Jung Chang gave the speech       Group photo of students representatives       Prof. Yoshiko Iosugi presented to the audience