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Life at CBA

Welcome to the College of Bioresources & Agriculture (CBA)! Being an outstanding student of CBA and studying at the prestigious university of Taiwan, life in NTU campus should be fun and knowledgeable at the same time. 
Currently, CBA has around 4,500 students (undergraduate and graduate students, including PhD) and 253 faculty members. They are all from 17 departments and institutes. Besides academic institutions, CBA has 19 affiliated institutions and research centers. You can find them all through the link ( As you can see, CBA is a college and we has abundance of resources that you can use from.
Here, we provides you some useful resources and information in terms of English-taught courses and scholarship. We hope this will help your life at NTU more colorful and beneficial. 
Where is CBA and CIAEAE located?
Blue frames indicate where the departments and affiliated units of CBA reside while the red frame shows where CBA and CIAEAE are located in.
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English-taught courses
There are many sources where you can find English-taught courses provided by CBA. The quick and easiest link is you will be able to find the courses you want by setting some criteria, particularly those provided by each of departments of CBA. Also, we herein also give you a selection of some courses that may not easily be found in the link. We hope this gives you more choices.
  • Long-distance courses in specific topics
Renewable energy and bioresource recycling technologies (BIME)
Introduction to foreign literature on bio-systems engineering (BIME)
Molecular nutrition: genomic, metabolic and health aspects (FST)
  • Courses offered by College
Agriculture of Taiwan (spring semester)
(Topics focus on rural society, crop breading, aquatic environment and protection and agriculture development, management of plant diseases, pest control, fruit production, monitoring poultry operation, challenge of animal diseases prevention, mechanization and automation of agriculture, soil characteristics and remediation techniques, microbial inoculants for agriculture and industry trends, herbal medicine, eco-friendly agriculture, industrialization and agricultural development)
  • Short-term courses in Summer
Current Issue in Agriculture: A Japanese Perspective (3 days; every two year in summer)
Biodiversity, Agriculture and Culture of Taiwan (30 days; program fee charged and annully held in summer)

Student support
For campus life, you may encounter some problems and have something to say as advice or suggestions to the college or university. You may first seek assistance or help from your supervisor or department staff. For issues that cannot be solved from your department, you may contact us (the Center for International Agricultural Education and Academic Exchanges, as CIAEAE) of CBA; or contact the Office of International Affairs (as OIA) of NTU, particularly when the your question or problems come to broader issues, such as courses and scholarship.

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