2018 Biodiversity, Agriculture and Culture of Taiwan plus Lab Research Work and Internship

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 2018 Biodiversity, Agriculture and Culture of Taiwan
plus Lab Research Work and Internship
■Get to know Taiwan’s biodiversity, agriculture and culture
■Explore nature from the coast to high mountains up to 10,500 ft high!
■Visit National Palace Museum, Endemic Species Research Institute, CBA’s experimental highland farm, experimental forest, coastal cliff, aboriginal tribe etc…
■Enjoy DIY (ceramics, stool making), rice planting and harvesting
■Fully English-taught with 4 credits offered
■Offers students opportunity to do research experiments with local students and learn techniques
■Provides overseas lab experience
Program Information
BACT: Jul. 7 ~ Aug 5, 2018 
LRWI-1: Jun. 7 ~ Jul. 7, 2018 (for students from UIUC, Purdue, UMD, SNU, and Dongguk-U)
LRWI-2: Aug. 5 ~ Sep. 2, 2018 (for students from Kyoto-U, U-Tsukuba, and U-Tokyo)
Application Fee: US$ 300 (non-refundable)
Program Fee (charged differently based on your identity): 
Non-partner university
Non-partner university
(Early Bird before March 15, 2016)
Partner university of National Taiwan University
Agricultural colleges from
UIUC, Purdue, UMD,
Kyoto-U, U-Tsukuba, U-Tokyo, SNU, and Dongguk-U
Application fee
USD 300 (non-refundable)
Program fee
USD 3,600
USD 3,300
USD 2,700
USD 2,200
LRWI fee
USD 400
USD 3,900
USD 3,600
USD 3,000
USD 2,500 or 2,900 (w/ LRWI)
BACT program fee covers course materials, program T-shirt and bag, all the accommodation, three fifths of meals, transportation and travel insurance in Taiwan. LRWI program fee covers room fee, a fixed amount of electricity/water fee, and lab materials. Students are responsible for their own living expenses, including meals and transportation. Pick-up from/to the airport is provided within the program period. LRWI is ONLY provided to students from specific agricultural colleges as shown in the table. The students participating in both BACT and LRWI should arrive in Taiwan on June 1.
Find out more!
Contact Mr. Chih-Hsiung Hsu (Jack)
Center for International Agricultural Education & Academic Exchanges, CBA-NTU
TEL: +886-2-3366-4215
Email: ntuciaeae@ntu.edu.tw
Website: http://ciaeae.bioagri.ntu.edu.tw/prog1/super_pages.php?ID=prog1
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